Celebration Civil, Religious, Blessing, Symbolic

Civil wedding ceremony

. You can choose from various possibilities, all of them give you a taste of history in beautiful buildings with frescoed walls to celebrate your civil wedding ceremony and all of them are within walking distance from the venue.

Religious wedding ceremony

There is a beautiful ancient church at 50 metres walk from the venue, actually it is one of the oldest churches in Orvieto, on the other hand, there are many beautiful churches to choose from to celebrate your religious wedding ceremony and all of them are in the historical town, all within walking distance of the venue.

Symbolic and Blessing

You can celebrate your Symbolic or Blessing ceremony in this beautiful venue either overlooking the green valleys and hills on the open-air terrace. If weather does not permit this you can celebrate the ceremony indoors on the top floor which also has a lovely large arched window and ancient walls to give your ceremony an enchanting picture frame background.